Freedom is the True Measure of Wealth

Boring meeting

Freedom is the true measure of wealth. I really wish I had understood this years ago.

I would work in jobs I hated, reporting to other humans, being told what to do, how to dress and how to behave. That has always made me unhappy, but I was caught in the same indentured time for money trap that most of the world still is. I am glad I am now aware.

Being in the “time for money” trap, being unhappy without understanding why. The next step is to find a way to make yourself feel good. Usually, that means buying nice brand new shiny stuff. It all feels good as the dopamine rushes through your brain but eventually the blissfulness wears off, and you are back searching for something to make you happy.

If only I had realized for those many, many years that the problem and the solution were right under my  nose. It was the indentured time that caused me to be unhappy but I actually understood it to be the way to get happy. Get a good job, save, buy a house, have kids, retire and enjoy your spare time. That really sounds like a complete load of crap to me now. We give away 5 days of our life to something, and in return, we get a pay check and 2 days off. We do this for all of the best years of our life, this is your time you will never get back.

So all along I had this the wrong way around. I thought the job was the pathway to happiness because it provided me with the means to buy cool shit, and in turn that cool shit will make me happy. It does not. Being free does. Being free from the commuting, the boredom, the meetings, the boss, the conforming. That is all so depressing.

I know I go after big organizations a lot but I now see them for what they are. You exchange 5 days of your life every week in exchange for a bit of cash and 2 days at the weekend. That is not a good deal.

You also hear around most offices the following:

On Friday:

P – How are you going?

A – Great, it’s Friday!

P – Oh yeah, what are you up to for the weekend?

A – Nothing much…

On Monday:

P – Hey how was your weekend?

A – Not long enough!

P – Why? What were you doing?

A – Not much..

That really does annoy me. These people don’t seem to get the irony of waiting all week for the weekend to arrive and then not doing anything when it does.

Organizations also insist on how you should behave. Most have a “set of behaviors” that reflect the standards or goals of the organization. Fair enough if you are collecting a paycheck from them. I suppose they have some say in how you have to behave while you are on the premises but it still disturbs me. For the best part of your week, you have to conform to someone else’s idea of how you should behave.

I wonder if we are going to look back decades from now, on this period of office work and indentured time, and wonder why anyone did it. Particularly with Robotics, A.I, Quantum Computing all on the rise. Eventually, these mechanical tedious jobs will be replaced.

Maybe it’s time for you to consider other options?