My 30 Day Life Experiment with Life Changing Consequences

I really feel like I am wasting my life. I am going to experiment, let me explain how and why.

I wake up each morning, go through the same routine entirely designed around getting to an office, I then spend the best part of every day staring at a computer screen, doing work I am not passionate about. I am surrounded by people I have nothing in common with.

This has to change, this cannot go on.

The Steve Jobs method of change

Steve Jobs had a daily practice of looking in the mirror and asking himself “if this was my last day would I want to spend it doing what I was about to do?” If the answer was no, too many days in a row, he knew something had to change. I wish I had come across this practice a while back and actually did it every day.

Sucky corporates

I now find myself having the life sucked out of me in the corporate environment, going to meetings that I really don’t care about the outcome, people talking to me about problems I have no interest in. This is all with the end result of exchanging my time for money to pay for life.

What am I going to do about it then? No point continuing to whinge about it and just sit there sucking it up. Well, let me tell you.

Time to quit the Job?

I have wanted to quit my day job for a while to trial something new and exciting, but there is a catch. The catch is that I don’t trust myself to quit my job and then throw myself into something 100% because I can be notoriously lazy. If I do give myself this opportunity and don’t maximize it, it would be a waste of time and money. The end result will be spending my savings and then still have to go back to work.

The true test of my commitment

So here’s what I have done to test the water before I do anything too drastic. I have devised a daily routine of things that I have been reading about that drive success. I have put the items in a spreadsheet to track and I am rewarding myself for consistency. The items get weighted with more points when I continue a streak of them.

If I can continue this routine for 30 days without missing a day, I am allowing myself to quit work. I am not entirely sure of the final day at the office work but I will be able to add “quitting office work” to my options list.

More experimentation is required with the spreadsheet. If it proves to work well and keep me motivated towards completing consistent daily habits for success, I will share it as a resource.